Lincoln Ventures

Research and Development EngineerĀ (February 1996 – April 2001)

This role at Lincoln Technology Ltd, the commercial arm of Lincoln University, encompassed a wide range of skills and abilities.

Key Points

  • Short and long term planning, SWOT analysis, risk management, and environmental scanning for a team of twelve.
  • Managing up to five people on projects that lasted up to three years at the bleeding edge of research.
  • Managing 50 desktop PCs and assorted networking devices for the company.
  • Producing electronic devices for industry and research partners.
  • Selling personal and group skills to industry through technical meetings and events, the production of marketing materials and strategic documentation.

The most significant project was the development of the next generation of sensor that allows closing elevator doors to reverse as people approach the lift. It was initiated through a successful technology assessment project (TAP), continued through a Technology for Business Growth (TBG) funded project. The technology was image based (CMOS cameras and used state of the art Digital Signal Processors (TI TMS320C6000 series DSP).

This project provided the industry partner with new intellectual property through patents, but also involved a certain component of trade secret due to the nature of the lift door sensing industry. Whilst I was involved in the project from the beginning, the last two years I was leading the small development team on behalf of the industry partner.